List of Episodes from Season 1: Quest For Iscandar

1. The Battle at Pluto

2. Carrier Attacks the Sleeping Yamato

3. Ultra-Menace Missile

4. Test Warp to Mars

5. Jupiter's Floating Continent

6. Paladin

7. The Reflex Gun, Part 1

8. The Reflex Gun, Part 2

9. The Asteroid Ring

10. We Will Return

11. Desslok Mines?

12. The Sea of Fire

13. The Gamilon Pilot

14. Octopus Star Storm

15. Galactic Whirlpool

16. Stop At Beeland

17. Balanosaurus

18. Magnetron Wave

19. Communication Satellite

20. The Artificial Sun

21. Challenge of the Rainbow Galaxy

22. The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy

23. Dragged to Gamilon

24. The Battle of Gamilon

25. Iscandar

26. The Journey Home episode list

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