List of Episodes from Season 2: The Comet Empire

1. Ambush At Jupiter

2. Blackout

3. Underground City

4. Battle Satellite

5. Crossing the Andromeda

6. At Planet Brumus

7. Sub-space Submarines

8. Time Trap

9. Mazor

10. Asteroid Defense Ring Revisited

11. Starflies

12. The Tunnel Satilite

13. The Conspirators Meet

14. Second Day At Telezart

15. Third Day At Telezart

16. Leaving Telezart

17. A Show of Force

18. Desslok's Escape

19. Memorial

20. The Carrier Fleet Battle

21. The Main Fleet Battle

22. Stop-over At Ganymede

23. Desslok's Victory

24. Desslok's Turning

25. The Final Battle

26. Argo Make Us Proud!

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