Sgt Webb Knox Leader of the Space Marines been Stationed in the Moon in 2199 when he and his other Marines had Taking Casualties in the Gamilon Attack on the Moon Base Until been Pick up by an EDF Ship Kirishima Despite the Situations on Earth been worsen in the Underground Cities Knox been outraged by a decision on Riot Control that a Rifle is not to be used on killing Humans until Gideon Convinced him to wait until the Argo would Arrived to get the Cosmo DNA in 2202 Knox and His Marines been Assigned in Planet Brumus a City been Jointly Developed and Terraformed by the Humans and the Gamilons in Christmas when he had setting up a Christmas Tree so the Human and Gamilon Children been placing christmas related items until the Comet Empire Attack on Brumus when he and his Marines been put up a Ditched Defense to defend the Human and Gamilon Civilians from the attack.

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